Teachers’ corner – EU seminar Sept 25-28 at NCCAT

NCCAT Seminar  Sept 25-28 in Cullowhee, North Carolina

 Grant Writing Using Digital Learning: Leveraging European Union Resources for NC Schools 

Working together on the Getting to Know Europe grant-

Thank you to NCCAT and EU- click here for the video of thanks! 

Globalizing your Classroom- Erin White     Belgian Exchange page – Robin McMahon

Visit our wiki and read our vision and mission statements- click here 

Presentations from Erica Edwards, Director of the Center for European Studies at UNC

Immigration in Europe        Why Europe Still Matters    Introduction to the European Union

bioMérieux presentation    Presentation for Superintendent 

Teachertube: French Revolution

Lyrics Training

Participants will have the opportunity and the TIME to develop one or more of the following projects while learning about the European Union by using digital technology.

This EU LIVEBINDER will introduce websites and documents to help you create your “dream”.

Participants will have time and support to work on one or more of the following; 

  • Create an EU lesson plan and/or unit of study that meets common core or world language standards as well as incorporates digital learning – may be eligible for a $50 stipend from UNC’s Center for European Excellence
  • Use digital media to organize and create publicity materials for a community outreach event such as Europe Day. Global Connections website (under creation for this year) 
  • Design your own plan for the next round of funding from the “Getting to Know Europe” grant offered to teachers by the European Union. What would you do with $75,000? Imagine, create a plan and work beside an expert teacher who has won four of these grants since 2007.
  • Design an international exchange program that is academically sound and well organized. Practice using “skype” and various digital collaboration tools for student presentations and global communication. 


Get Ready for Europe Day   May 9!

Presentation for May 8th video-conference – are these topics of interest?peace image

Pictures of Europe Day 2012      Smith’s flyer for Europe Day 

 Fête de L’Europe  organized by the French Embassy in the U.S.A.

Students learn about the European Union by traveling to Brussels, Belgium   Pics                      Article in Chapel Hill News

Funding largely provided through the “Getting to Know Europe” grant

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”-Albert Einstein    21st Century Learning Video


How do we create conditions of creativity, exploration and collaboration where students grapple with authentic global issues in a safe and enriching environment?

World View presentation: Globalizing Your Classroom and School ~ March 21, 2013

Would you like to take time to create a plan for globalizing your classroom or school?   Come to a three-day NCCAT  (North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching) seminar in Cullowee, N.C.  September 25-27 – room and board paid with a stipend. To register, you must be a public NC teacher with 3 or more years experience.

 Below are the presenters/moderators and goals for the seminar:


Robin McMahon

French teacher Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

2004-2005 District Teacher of the Year

Awarded four grants from the European Union totaling over $200,000

European Exchange program creator and organizer for 12 years

International events organizer for school-wide celebration for 12 years

Erin White

Social Studies teacher Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Finalist for District Teacher of the Year 2011-2012

Team Leader and Department head for Social Studies

Organizer for International events in November

Presenters will:

  •  introduce history, treaties and the role of the European Union on the international stage
  •  share EU lesson plans and resources for lesson plan development
  •  introduce and share EU outreach activities
  •  explain and share information on the Euro-Challenge and the “Getting to Know Europe” grant
  •  share best practices and documents for international exchange programs

Participants will have time and support to work on one or more of the following;

  • After researching numerous plans online, create an EU lesson plan and/or unit of study that meets common core or world language standards – may be eligible for a $100 from UNC’s Center for European Excellence
  •  How would you and your school celebrate Europe Day?  Create an organizational plan for this exciting event and design the publications
  •  What would you do if the EU awarded you $75,000? Write your dream into a mock EU grant  that fits the criteria for the 2013 “Getting to Know Europe” grant – it could be used for the next call for proposals.
  •  How does traveling in Europe impact learning? Perhaps you already travel abroad with students, and you would like to discuss/compare best practice; or you are interested in beginning this endeavor and would like to know how to begin and run a trip that is well organized and academically enriching.

Interested in any or all of these ideas? Contact Robin McMahon to get on the pre-registration list:  rmcmahon@chccs.k12.nc.us

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