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The business community does care, and bioMerieux leads the way in ensuring that the European Exchange program is available to children who may not have the financial resources to participate. Rather than watching their more affluent classmates board the plane to explore Europe, all children will have the opportunity to dream big and work hard to earn a spot on this 11-year exchange program.

Thank you to BIOMERIEUX!
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This exchange program not only opens a world of discovery and investigation in Europe, it also creates global leaders for a diverse and rapidly-changing world of tomorrow.
Students (led by expert teachers) will:
•Learn about and understand the importance and impact of the European Union on the international stage
•Understand the impact of World War II and the impetus to create institutions such as the EU to promote global peace and understanding
•Foster mutual understanding for cultural diversity as well as develop an appreciation for European art, history and literature while recognizing European influences on American culture
•Raise awareness for American and Belgian students regarding global issues such as health and wellness, economics and accessibility for disabled students as we travel.
•Demonstrate how to collaborate using 21st century tools to communicate, collaborate and present information to an audience

What will they do? Students will:

Visit the beaches of Normandy, the American cemetery, and the medieval village of Bayeux
Experience the architectural wonder of Mont St. Michel and discuss its environmental challenges
Connect Monet’s masterpiece in the North Carolina museum of art with the landscape that inspired Monet’s impressionist style of painting
Appreciate the stories and Gothic style of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and compare it to the “new” Gothic style of the Duke Cathedral.
Understand the beauty and power of artistic expression by visiting the most famous museums in the world: Louvre and Musee d’Orsay
Delight in ascending the most famous landmark and innovative structure for its time: the Eiffel Tower
Visit the EU Parliament and Commission in Brussels and take a walking tour of the city- identify EU landmarks and busts of EU founding fathers
Relate experiences and learning with Smith students and teachers via video-conferencing
Live thedaily life of their Belgian pen pals by staying 7 nights with these families and attending a Belgian school
Discuss global issues in French with their Belgian counterparts
Research and visit local Belgian sites that support the theme of our trip
Compare a medieval as well as a modern village in Belgium investigating its architecture and village life with American towns and architecture
The students will create a project for display for Europe Day, May 9, 2013. Students will create a photo-journalistic essay that falls under one of the following themes:
•Why is it important for the European Union and the United States to have a working relationship? Consider the EU’s mission and the American constitution; in what ways are they similar/different?
•What role does art and architecture play in a country’s culture? What have you learned about Gothic architecture in France, Belgium, and America? Why is it important to protect our cultural resources when considering historical monuments and the fine arts?
•“The Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves” is the sculpture at the entrance of the Normandy Cemetery–Substituting “Global Youth” for “American and European youth,” what implication does this sculpture have for global collaboration? How is this spirit of “rising” reflected in American and European history as well as in present-day life? Create a poem, sculpture, or painting to illustrate your essay.
•What did you learn about global health and economics from living with a Belgian family? What EU policies impact their everyday choices and lifestyle? Discuss how this is similar or different to a typical American lifestyle, to your lifestyle. In your opinion, do the Europeans live a healthier lifestyle than Americans? Explain.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks you do much to BioMerieux for supporting us!!

  2. Brendan says:

    Merci bioMerieux!

  3. Randy Young says:

    Merci, bioMerieux. This is incredible news for our aspiring world citizens, Chapel Hill Schools, and the entire community!

  4. Jasmeen Kaur says:

    Merci bioMerieux!!!!!!

  5. Kelly Young says:

    Wow, bioMerieux. Merci beacoup!! What a generous gift that will help create lifetime memories and life-changing experiences for our Chapel Hill youth and teachers. Thank you again so much for your generosity.

  6. Adriana Lorenzini says:

    Merci beaucoup BioMervieux! Dans une année ou ce n’est par sur qu’on puisse continuer le programme comme il était avant, car ce n’est pas clair que l’UE nous donnera la bourse, vous nous avez sauvé, et vous nous avez permit de continuer la tradition que tous ce qui travaillent et que font un effort, peuvent partir en Belgique et en France.

  7. Myles House says:

    Merci beaucoup BioMervieux!
    Thank you so much for supporting us!! You are allowing me, and many of my friends to travel to a different country, and experience a whole new culture. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  8. Catherine Sullivan says:

    Merci bioMerieux!
    As a pharmaceutical professional who was afforded many opportunities to travel abroad for business,I would have relished the chance to do this as a young teen. It is fabulous to see that our global economy can, and often does, work to the benefit of our youth. In exposing the Smith students to the wider social and professional world, we can hope that a trip such as this one may light a spark in a future scientist, project manager or sales professional. Thank you so much for your support and for all your efforts in improving public health.

  9. Dian Niu says:

    Merci beaucoup, BioMerieux! The support that you’ve given us is awesome. It has provided so many of us such wonderful opportunities. I look forward to the 2013 Belgian Exchange. 🙂

  10. J P says:

    Merci beaucoup Biomerieux pour financer ce voyage ! J’ai hâte d’aller a l’Europe et de rester avec une famille belge. Je suis sure que je vais apprendre beaucoup et m’amuser aussi. C’est une opportunité super et je suis trés content de l’avoir.

  11. alex says:

    Thank you very much for helping us all to have this opportunity. We are very fortunate to have your generous support!

  12. Claire says:

    I’m looking forward to the 2013 Belgian Exchange; thank you for everything! Merci beaucoup!!!!!

  13. Grace B says:

    Merci beaucoup! This means a great deal to so many of us who now have the opportunity to partake in this amazing experience! Your contribution is so important to all of us, and more appreciated than you probably even realize.

  14. kate & pat says:

    Thank you bioMerieux for your generous support of the exchange program. This is an incredible learning and growth opportunity for our students, one which will help them to become more knowledgeable and compassionate world citizens in the future. Yours is a gift that will be felt locally and beyond.

  15. Mar Gutiérrez says:

    Thanks bioMerieux for your generosity and for supporting low-income children with their travel expenses. This overseas experience is going to impact all the children’s lives. They will help them to participate and be part of the European daily life. Not only they will practice their French language, but they will be submerge in the Belgian culture, traditions, art, history and daily life.

  16. Marina says:

    Im so excited for the Belgium/France trip in 2013! We thank you so much for your support in our life changing trip! Merci beaucoup!!!!!

  17. Rosemary y says:

    Merci bioMerieux!! Your support of our Belgian exchange trip will give more students the oppurtunity to go on a life changing trip across the world! Merci!

  18. Allene X says:

    Thank you so much for supporting us! Your generosity will certainly give us a life changing opportunity, and help many students experience this wonderful trip!! Merci beaucoup, bioMerieux!!

  19. Ethan says:

    Merci a bioMerieux! Parce que de vous, beaucoup de jeunes americains vont aller en belgique. Ils vont apprendre beaucoup et faire beaucoup de nouveaux amis. Je serai un parti de cette group, et le voyage ne serait pas aussi amusante si vous ne faisiez pas un cadeau genereux a nous. Vous etes trop genereuse et tous les americains ditent “merci” a vous!

  20. Tori G says:

    Thanks so much bioMerieux! Im so excited about our trip to Belgium. Thanks for helping our group.

  21. GIrish and Poonam says:

    We are grateful for your commitment to education about cultural, global and health diversity by supporting exchange experiences for our students. It is a dream come true for our child since this opportunity for close interaction with peers (from the US and overseas) would not be possible outside of this exchange program.

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