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Dear students, families, community members and our BELGIAN friends, EU logo II

Please join me in thanking the Delegation of the European Union to the U.S. (website)for providing Smith Middle School and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School district with four Getting to Know Europe grants since 2007. We are the only secondary school in the nation to receive these funds. Why? Because the EU believed in our programs – our exchange program builds international friendships for all students regardless of financial difficulty, and our teachers experience Europe first-hand, creating lesson plans that speak to the role of the European Union on the international stage as well as the importance of the EU-US partnership. What an amazing journey and one for which I am so grateful. The EU brought us authentic and innovative global education, and our world will never be the same. Students and families:   How would you describe the  Europe Day events, the treats and information from the Walk for Education Booth, the French (European) cafes for Global Connections,  EU lessons from your teachers and/or the Belgian Exchange experience. We are hoping the EU will release another Call for Proposals for the Getting to Know Europe for 2015 so this year’s students and teachers will continue to benefit from these unique academic experiences.  Write your response below along with your first name and first initial of your last name. Students are welcome to use my email address if necessary.

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  1. Emmy S. says:

    Of all the events I’ve enjoyed during the 3 years I spent at Smith, Global Connections was my favorite. The experience of the European cafes was thrilling to me. I’d always loved entering the French room speaking nothing but French, cooking crepes, and exchanging Euros. These cafes really enhanced my experience as a middle schooler.
    I also enjoyed learning about the EU during class. The lessons we had really intrigued me and opened my eyes to a different culture. Europe day also immersed me in how the EU functions. I give a big thank you to the EU for all the support they’ve given both Europe and us students. Thank you very much.

  2. Lara R says:

    The Belgian exchange was my favorite experience at Smith! Meeting the Belgian students made me so much more interested in learning about French culture. I never realized there was so much French influence around me. There are French companies all around the world and French foods are very popular. Ever since the Belgian students came I have been so much more aware of the French and Belgian things around me. I now notice French labels on products, French road signs and other everyday things. When I was getting to know my pen pal I noticed that we aren’t that different even though we live so far apart. We like to do the same activities and like the same movies and TV shows. I was expecting them to know different movies and music but since so many actors and artists are international we know and like the same things. I want to thank the EU for letting me have this experience. It was life changing. I can’t wait to go to Belgium and see my pen pal again and learn about her culture! Thank you so much.

  3. Olivia V says:

    Over the past two years of learning French, one thing that motivates us all is hearing about the Belgian Exchange! We see videos and spend time in class talking about it and learning about what a great experience it is! I’m so happy and even more motivated to learn more French now knowing I’ll get the chance to go on the exchange in 2015. It’s cool knowing we have already practiced real life situations! Like global connections. Our classroom is transformed into a French cafe! We only speak in French, eat only French food, and pay with euros! So thanks to the EU for all you’ve done for Smith over the years! Giving so many kids the opportunity of a lifetime!

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