Carolina D-Day Veterans

UNC journalist Rob Holliday traveled with the Belgian exchange group in 2009 and created an outstanding documentary called “Globewatch which highlights the impact of students and teachers learning about Europe in Belgium and France. Rob also came with us in 2013 and created short videos of students and teachers – these videos (click here for the page)  have been used by teachers everywhere. While four high school students were traveling with two veterans back to Normandy this past June, Rob wrote this wonderful article about WWII veterans from the University of North Carolina.  After reading the article, leave a reply below answering these questions: Who were the veterans named in this article and what was each person’s role in the war? Why do you think Berkut said he did not “want to talk about it” referring to his service during WWII. What surprised you about this article?  If you could talk to one of the veterans, who would it be and what questions would you have?



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