Proud to be…. American. The 4th of July always brings that sense of patriotism that sometimes lies dormant the rest of the year. However, it is in Normandy, France that I find a renewed energy that motivates me to share my love of country and history with my students and colleagues. During our NC to Normandy trip, we spent four days in the beautiful village of Amfreville. The students and I camped in a field while the veterans and a family member stayed with a French family, The Legeards.  I will never forget the tears in this French family’s eyes as they “have waited 70 years” to welcome their liberators into their homes, lives, hearts. The Legeard family asked me to translate for their WWII veteran guests : “Nos liberators sont revenus”…our liberators have returned. Powerful. Their words reach deep into my soul as their gratitude for what our WWII veterans have done for their country overwhelms me with American pride.  The veterans arrived at the Legeards’ family home as strangers and left as life-long friends – pledging to visit one another again soon.

Has anyone else experienced this American patriotism that you discovered beyond our borders?

Would you like to go to Normandy? Why?

-Robin McMahon   Teacher leader for NC to Normandy June 01-June 08, 2014


Lucienne and Michel Legeard welcome WWII veteran Ed Chappell and daughter Cathy into their home – decorated with D-Day items to honor their arrival






All of us (veterans, students, teachers, journalist) were welcomed so warmly by the village of Amfreville in Normandy. Their hospitality was unforgettable.







To learn more about what we did and the warm welcome from Amfreville, click here.  This document was prepared by the organizer, Francoise.

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