NC to Normandy: The Brady Bunch Goes to Normandy

It’s been a real coaster ride for this whole thing. It’s hard enough to spend the whole day with one person, but just imagine how spending multiple weeks with 4-5 people would be. The struggle is real: we’ve become quite the Brady bunch. Yet that only shows how strong we’ve become, and our raw determination.


To be a visible symbol of youth connecting the past with the future by honoring the sacrifice of our World War II veterans and all our military service men and women. We will attend the final official D-Day Commemoration in Normandy from June 1st through the 7th. We are committed to sharing our heroes’ stories as well as our experience in Normandy in our local communities in real time and on Veterans Day. With funding we will accompany a WWII vet and his/her family member to Normandy and show them how much they are appreciated not only in the U.S., but also in France.


  • High school principals have approved excused absences for our journey- Thank you!
  • January 2014 – gave presentation to VFW Post 1900 – enjoyed dinner with the veterans and presented our project, and as Graham said,  “It was such an honor to speak with these people who were really there, and to hear their stories.” We were truly honored to be there.
  • VFW Post 1900 Chapel Hill CV Cummings has awarded our team $500!
  • Just made bank at Odyssey of the Minds – 1010$! THANK YOU ALL WHO BOUGHT OUR STUFF


We went to Smith to set up concessions, where the sales would go straight to our fund. We started out a 6 AM with an empty container, and came out with a sea of green. We had such a blast to talk to all of the people who came up and read our brochure, and to know that they bought concessions just to help us do our thing is simply amazing.

We even got some other help too!

Then, on Tuesday, we went to the VFW to see our good friends. We also went to go pick up a nice 500$ check that they have so generously donated to us.

photo 2

It was good to see everyone again. We hope to come back sometime soon to check up and let them know how things are going. They are our inspiration, and we hope to show to them that the youth still cares.

photo 3


  • Planning our voyage
  • Hopefully buying tickets soon


-We have identified a WWII veteran who we hope to take with us to Normandy. He fought at the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium and we plan on visiting that memorial as well.

-A documentarian along with Tony Carter, a graduate student, plan to come with us as well through Learn North Carolina.


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