NC to Normandy: Getting To Know Our Veterans

It was once said that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We’ve become a family over the past few weeks, and there isn’t a mountain too high that we can’t fight our way over. We’ve learned more and more about the sacrifices of the young men and women of our nation’s past and present, and that only makes us want to work harder.


To be a visible symbol of youth connecting the past with the future by honoring the sacrifice of our World War II veterans and all our military service men and women. We will attend the final official D-Day Commemoration in Normandy from June 1st through the 7th. We are committed to sharing our heroes’ stories as well as our experience in Normandy in our local communities in real time and on Veterans Day. With funding we will accompany a WWII vet and his/her family member to Normandy and show them how much they are appreciated not only in the U.S., but also in France.


  • High school principals have approved excused absences for our journey- Thank you!
  • January 2014 – gave presentation to VFW Post 1900 – enjoyed dinner with the veterans and presented our project, and as Graham said,  “It was such an honor to speak with these people who were really there, and to hear their stories.” We were truly honored to be there.
  • VFW Post 1900 Chapel Hill CV Cummings has awarded our team $500! (To see more about the VFW Post 1900, click here)

To the VFW Post 1900:

Dear readers,

We wish to publicly give our thanks to VFW Post 9100 in Chapel Hill. We are a group of high school juniors from East, and Chapel Hill high schools who have the goal of attending the 70th, and final official D-Day remembrance ceremony in Normandy, France this summer. Our mission is to honor our nation’s veterans, and to be able to bring back the knowledge and experiences we gain to educate others about the invaluable sacrifices of the greatest generation. We recently had the privilege of sharing our mission with the VFW Post 9100 C.V. Cummings Post while also learning about some of the sacrifices made by these veterans for our country.  The VFW Post 9100 members also made a very generous financial contribution towards our project, while also sharing their stories and experiences which have helped us get a more robust view of the brave men and women around us.  For more information about our mission or to find a link to donate through the public school foundation please visit


We made another visit to the American Legion’s Chapel Hill post, as they held their bluegrass marathon to benefit Fort Bragg’s Fisher House for military families. Not only were we able to listen to some good bluegrass, we were also grateful enough to talk with some pretty cool guys.

   photo 5

We were fortunate to talk to Bud Hampton, who fought in the pacific during World War II. His stories and service not only inspired us to keep on trucking, but as well enlightened us as to how truly brutal the war was. Hampton’s sacrifice was, at one point, almost breathtaking.

photo 3

We certainly enjoyed our time at the American Legion, and was an afternoon that we hope to share again with them another time in the future.


  • Hit up Costco to buy some food to sell at the Odyssey of the Mind Competition at Smith Middle School on March 1st. Sales from this event will help pay for our flights.


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  1. Robin McMahon says:

    To this team of very dedicated juniors, I am so proud of what you have accomplished so far. Your service to the veterans and to our community has just begun – it is an honor to be your teacher-leader. Robin McMahon French teacher

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