Europe Everywhere

Open your students' eyes to the wonders and importance of Europe in your own community. Celebrate EUROPE DAY in May, host an EU jeopardy challenge between district schools, create a Euro-Zone during International Week in November and organize a parade of nations. Ask European restaurants in your community to display EU flags and offer discounts during Europe Day events in May. Clicking this picture will take you to a CALL FOR PROPOSALS which will "change your world" in magnificent ways.

Learning & Living

Creating effective and responsible global citizens requires us to teach our students about the the major institutions of the world such as the European Union and its critical role on the international stage. Imagine the impact of taking your students to one or more of the EU institutions and their participating in a discussion or lecture...what they will learn will last them a lifetime. Clicking on this picture will take you to an online binder of EU lesson plans, official EU websites and suggestions for community activities.

International Education

Like many teachers, I anguish over dissipating dreams of impoverished youth. The European Union stepped into our dreams by awarding Smith Middle School’s European exchange program three grants since 2007 allowing twenty teachers and over fifty economically-disadvantaged students to learn first-hand about Europe. Click on this picture to see how education becomes a path forward to the American dream. Enjoy this documentary from UNC TV.